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NASA Images for Earth Day

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Siberia’s Lena Delta

The Lena River, some 2,800 miles long, is the easternmost of the three great Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean and is one of the largest rivers in the world. The Lena Delta Wildlife Reserve, a protected wilderness area, provides an important refuge and breeding ground for many species of Siberian wildlife, and is also an important fish spawning site.

Image Credit: NASA



Looking more like an alien landscape than an Earthly landscape, the Morenci open-pit copper mine in southeast Arizona is North… Continue reading


I wonder what it’s going to take to wake people up! Click title below to view site.


41% of local gov’ts undecided on future of nuclear power plants

TOKYO, April 23, Kyodo

Of 46 local governments hosting or located close to current and future nuclear power plants in Japan, 41 percent said they will await further public and government discussions before deciding on their stance toward the future of atomic power plants in their respective neighborhoods, a Kyodo News poll showed Saturday.

The number was slightly above the 37 percent of respondents who said they will allow the… Continue reading

Radiation Detox Manual

Please click on the above link to download a comprehensive radiation detox manual provided free by MeditationExpert (please click name to view site;  previous permission granted to freely distibute this manual)

I am more than certain that the radiation levels accumulating in our food and water supplies are much higher than our EPA or other official numbers indicate. This is part of the reason I feel compelled to create this blog/website.


Here is an excerpt from MeditationExpert’s Home Page:

Free Lessons - Learn How to Meditate

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Welcome to the meditation lesson website that teaches you… Continue reading

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I am sending emails to other sites in the hopes of forming some type of relationship such as permission to post their blogs or about using their email congress/elected officials system. I’m certain because of all the spamming, congress has moved away from a direct email client into making it more difficult to automate that process.
I was looking for more action items to bring into this site and found many in small clusters. The more we all can unite under fewer themes, the better. But there are many great causes.
The programming to… Continue reading