Alternative Spiritual Choices

I am posting the below message with permission as indicated at the bottom of the page. I am including it here because of the proactive nature of the message and it seems to have answered something I have been pondering for sometime.

That point is what happens to our consciousness after we transition out of this body (die). For me personally, what is said about this state makes a lot of sense.

I very much appreciate this entire message so I am posting same.

Transition States of Consciousness


Chaotic Nodes are clusters… Continue reading

Written by Judy Dudiak:
I am posting the next blog in it’s entirety with permission. Please visit the author’s site for to read more on his topic. I agree with 99% . My only disagreement is about people who are struggling for survival. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs tells us that we do not look to self-actualization until our tummies are filled and we have solid roofs over our heads. I agree with that observation.
What the author is saying is something that translates to this site and to activism. As one who haunted many a… Continue reading

Narcissism and Spiritual Materialism: The New Age Legacy

by Kobutsu Malone (posted by permission) (Please click on tite to visit the author’s site)


KobutsuRecently, I went for a walk with a close friend in a nearby town. It was a beautiful day and the town was one of those places where there is an abundance of antique stores, craft shops, book stores and the like. As we walked along I spotted a sign in a window that said “Zen” and “Tai Chi.” Curious what the “zen” reference involved, we entered the establishment.

Immediately we were assailed by the… Continue reading